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About Us

About Us: Mese Investment Ltd. -

Cultivating Passion, One Cocoa Bean at a Time

At Mese Investment Ltd., we're more than just a cocoa company; we're passionate about cultivating, processing, and sharing the finest cocoa products Nigeria has to offer. Our journey began with a deep appreciation for the rich heritage of cocoa farming in our country and a desire to bring the world a taste of its exceptional quality.

We are very active in our export trade.

cocoaproductshellseller.com.ng is the marketing arm for Mese Investment Ltd

Our Mission

The mission of a cocoa trade mission can vary depending on the specific goals of the mission and the organizations involved. Here are some possible missions for a cocoa trade mission:
If your focus is on economic development:
Improve livelihoods of cocoa farmers in West Africa: This could involve promoting fair trade practices, supporting sustainable farming methods, and increasing access to processing facilities in cocoa-growing regions.Facilitate trade between cocoa producers and consumers: This could involve establishing new trade partnerships, reducing trade barriers, and ensuring the quality and safety of cocoa beans.

Our Vision

Focus on Impact:

To be a leader in the cocoa trade industry, renowned for ethical sourcing and empowering cocoa farmers. (This vision emphasizes social responsibility and improving the lives of cocoa producers.)

To revolutionize the cocoa trade by building a fully sustainable and transparent supply chain from bean to bar. (This vision focuses on environmental and social sustainability throughout the cocoa production process.)

Focus on Quality and Innovation:

To become the premier supplier of the highest quality cocoa beans, exceeding customer expectations through innovation and expertise. (This vision emphasizes providing exceptional quality cocoa and staying ahead of the curve in the industry.)

To transform the cocoa industry by pioneering new processing methods and unlocking the full potential of cocoa flavor. (This vision focuses on innovation in the cocoa processing and product development aspects of the trade.)

Focus on Growth and Partnership:

To become a global leader in the cocoa trade, fostering strong partnerships with cocoa producers and consumers worldwide. (This vision emphasizes building strong relationships throughout the cocoa supply chain.)

To create a thriving cocoa ecosystem where all stakeholders, from farmers to consumers, prosper together. (This vision focuses on building a mutually beneficial cocoa trade network.)

Remember, your vision should be:

Ambitious but achievable: Set a high bar for your company, but ensure it's realistic to reach within a reasonable timeframe.

Inspiring: Your vision should motivate your team and stakeholders to work towards a common goal.

Unique: What sets your cocoa trading company apart? Reflect that uniqueness in your vision statement.


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